Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Create Multiple Craigslist Accounts-Get Past phone verification

Create Multiple Craigslist Accounts-Get Past phone verification

So I'm assuming you want to get passed the phone verification system on craigslist so you can make multiple accounts. If you're like me, you've probably seen a drastic decrease in your income since they made this change.

Well I have an easy way to get multiple accounts for free and I'm selling this information for very cheap considering how much you can profit from it.

Here is what this method is NOT:

It is NOT a key to their algorithm
It is NOT a way to predict what code will pop out for a certain phone number
It is NOT any sort of way to hack the system.
It is NOT a simple "go here, order these numbers and you're good to go" type guide. It is not that simple.

Here Is What it IS:
A way to create multiple accounts.
I will show you how to get access to phone numbers that you can use to create these accounts
Is is 100% FREE to get these numbers and make these accounts
It is using another pretty well known method with a twist to make it work for this purpose.
The basic part of this method is no secret, I will not claim that it is. But making it work for phone verification is where the twist comes in, and that's really what you want anyway right?

Will you have to do some work? Yep.

You'll have to put forth about ten minutes to set it up, and then an unknown amount of time to get the numbers. It really depends on how well you set it up. If you do well, then you'll spend more time getting more numbers. If you don't then you'll spend less time getting numbers.

You want more. Obviously. And if you follow the instructions in the guide it will show you how to do well.

You won't have to chain yourself to the computer but plan on spend at least a 20 min. a day at this.

I am NOT giving you a source where you can order up some free phone numbers that will forward to your own phone. It is not that simple.

This is NOT a method that will net you thousands of accounts. I suppose it could be used on a large scale like that if you had the time, but it really is more for the person who is trying to get lets say 20 or so accounts a day, on a regular basis.

I myself am a web designer and use my accounts to post in the services section for web design. I'm not making gazzillions of them to spam the site with cpa offers or anything like that. On my best night I made 22 phone verified accounts.

Like I said it will take some effort from you, but its Worth tons more then the time you will put in. If you think this is something that could help you, your right, it makes all the difference.For a limited time get this for $7'95 it will soon return to $27.00, So this cost you as much as buying lunch, but how many will it buy you?
Thank you for your time, good luck in all you do. have a great day.